ugh so we’re meant to write “something moving” for this poetry workshop I’m doing and I just really, really don’t do moving? 

maybe you should try write poetry about luwian declension?

zart means delicate in German but heart in Luwian

and I always thought this would be one of those pairs 

that I would spend years trying to remember 

 but that day you walked out the door I realised there’s no difference at all


A week before I’d told you

that the Luwian genitive singular had almost disappeared

and you didn’t look up from your dinner

but said you thought that sounded communists


arawa means free

it stands strong and tall and alone

it know that it is enough and no suffix or prefix 

can ever make it more whole than it was the day it fell

from the lips of the first speaker to the arid rocky ground


 The day you left, your dishes still dirty in the sink

I felt zart and broken and it took months

until one by one I took your 

-assi off my name and realised that It never had any right to be there at all

because I did not belong to you and I would not be the adjective to your nouns and if that made you leave then so be it because, baby, 

this isn’t communism

it’s anarchy

i am crying

I actually am moved…



boy and girl: *look at each other*

*ten billion fan arts, fanfictions, amvs, headcanons*

boy and boy: *look at each other*

*ten billion fan arts, fanfictions, amvs, headcanons*

girl and girl: *flirt constantly, think about each other constantly, kiss, have sex, get married, have lady babies*

fanbase: they r just friends, oh my god stop making everything about lesbians


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